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My ongoing list to document the varieties of plants that I have had for an easy reference as I forget IDs and/or why I don't have them now. Each will eventually be linked to a page with its photo/s - I didn't realize this was going to be such a mega project when I started.
NOTE NAMES ARE LISTED AS: Identity (), Common Name/s [my own notes; ignore]:
  1. Alocasia macrorrhizos 'Flying Squid' [over watered. syn. plumbea]
  2. Alternanthera ficoidea 'White Carpet', Brazilian Snow Flower [cannon - no space or sun]
  3. Angelonia angustifolia, Summer Snapdragon [died - overwatered]
  4. Anthurium angamarcanum [unstable, J, long rumpled heart white veins]
  5. Arisaema sp. (maybe scortechinii), Jack-in-the-Pulpit [J, 2; 1 has stripe. tuber rotted, other dried up]
  6. Aristolochia fimbriata, White Veined Hardy Dutchman's Pipe Vine [died - stray cat]
  7. Aristolochia sp. x sp. 'Serra da Vista' x 'Tiracambu #2') [drown or grub ate roots (keep dry, not humid). Georgiavines sold as A. sp.'Serra da Vista']
  8. Asparagus aethiopicus (densiflorus?), Sprenger's Asparagus or Foxtail Fern [drown, 9, not a fern]
  9. Asplenium nidus 'Leslie', Crested Japanese Bird's Nest [rotted, ruffled end lettuce]
  10. Bouea macrophylla, Mango Plum or Kundang [needed space, with birds nest]
  11. Bouea macrophylla, Thai variety Mango Plum or Thai Kundang [needed space]
  12. Caladium 'Burning Heart' [MIA, dark maroon speckled with pink, darker than in photo, Vyn]
  13. Calamondin (× Citrofortunella microcarpa), Limau Kasturi [9 died- renovation]
  14. Camellia pubipetala [died upon arrival, red list]
  15. Caryota mitis Variegata, Variegated Fishtail Palm [not enough sun]
  16. Ceropegia simonae [20180418, bare root rotted]
  17. Cestrum diurnum, Day-blooming Cestrum [gave away, little round flowers]
  18. Chonemorpha fragrans (Moon) Alston (penangensis synonym), Climbing Frangipani [5 neglected]
  19. Citrus × floridana (citrus japonica × citrus aurantifolia, unresolved name), Citrina's Lyvia Limequat [Drown. PR, key lime × round kumquat, 0518]
  20. Clematis 'Doctor Ruppel' [9, group 2, died - neglect]
  21. Clematis 'Polish Spirit' [died]
  22. Clematis 'Sizaia Ptitsa' [last to die]
  23. Clematis 'Ville De Lyon' [died]
  24. Clematis integrifolia 'Rooguchi', Clematis Rooguchi [removed; bored. sun or part shade, group 3]
  25. Clinathanus or Clinacanthus nutans ? , Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) and locally Belalai Gajah / Gendis [ob, not to be confused with the rounder leaf Indian Snake Grass.]
  26. Clitoria ternatea, Butterfly Pea[bored]
  27. Clitoria ternatea multi petal, Butterfly Pea Multi Petal [bored. 5 petals]
  28. Cobaea scandens, Cup-and-Saucer Vine [201710, MG fert killed it]
  29. Cochliasanthus caracalla, Corkscrew Vine [drown. no goat fert!]
  30. Crocus sativus, Saffron Crocus [rotted]
  31. Curcuma aeruginosa [also blue rhizome, JTCH 201712, rotted - never sprouted]
  32. Curcuma caesia, Black turmeric [drown, blue inside rhizome, looks similar to similar to C.aeruginosa. Kaempferia parviflora, Black ginger - black/dark purple inside rhizome]
  33. Cyperus papyrus 'Dwarf Form', Little Giant Papyrus [no idea!]
  34. Datura metel 'Chlorantha', Double Golden Queen or Devil's Trumpet [heat stroke & soil too fertile]
  35. Dioscorea bulbifera, Air Potato Vine [gave away]
  36. Drosera, Sundew [died, snails?]
  37. Ficus dammaropsis, Highland Breadfruit or Dinner Plate Fig [201708. Died; goat fertilizer or cat urine?]
  38. Gossypium hirsutum, Cotton plant [gave away]
  39. Gynura procumben, Longevity Spinach [MIA]
  40. Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus, Lemon Day Lily [gave away]
  41. Heliconia mutisiana 'Cuatrecasas', Pink Furry Lobster Claw [K, 25, transplant shock]
  42. Hippeastrum 'Scarlet Red' Lily [gave away]
  43. Hoya imbricata [1; 9 Lagerstroemia by 1st bench; mount dropped, dried out]
  44. Hibiscus sabdariffa 'Arab', Roselle Arab [removed]
  45. Hibiscus syriacus (partial double), Rose of Sharon [bored]
  46. Huperzia goebelii, Club Moss or Blue Lycopodium [forgot to water, not shoelace]
  47. Huckleberry (var. ? labelled Sulberry) [removed]
  48. Iochroma 'Plum Beauty', 'Royal Queen™ Purple' (last), & 'Wine Red' [died - not enough sun, overwatered]
  49. Ipomoea hederifolia var. lutea, Yellow Trumpet Morning Glory [removed]
  50. Ipomoea nil 'Kikyo Snowflakes', Japanese Morning Glory [removed]
  51. Jacquemontia pentantha, Clustervine [removed]
  52. Jasminum sambac 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' [removed]
  53. Jatropha podagrica, Buddha Belly [removed]
  54. Lonicera japonica, Japanese Honeysuckle [gave away; no space]
  55. Magnolia garrettii, [graft died]
  56. Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem', Dwarf Southern Magnolia Tree [MIA]
  57. Mandevilla 'Scarlet Velvet' [died - not enough sun, overwatered]
  58. Mandevilla Summer Romance 'Double Pink' [died - not enough sun]
  59. Mandevilla sanderi [died - not enough sun]
  60. Manihot grahamii, Hardy Tapioca [not enough sun]
  61. Melastoma malabathricum - white [MIA]
  62. Melissa officinalis, Lemon balm [removed]
  63. Mimusops elengi, Spanish cherry, Tanjung [bored. back corner behind stairs]
  64. Moringa oleifera, Drumstick Tree [gave away]
  65. Morus nigra, Black Mulberry [no space]
  66. Musa acuminata 'Dwarf Cavendish', Banana Plant Dwarf [needed space]
  67. Otacanthus caeruleus, Brazilian Snapdragon [removed]
  68. Olea europaea, European Olive Tree [201710226-20181227 worker drowned]
  69. Passiflora 'Incense' (incarnata x cincinnata) [died - not enough sun]
  70. Passiflora 'Odette' -(kermesina x miersii) Maurizio Vecchia's [died - over watered]
  71. Passiflora 'Victoria' (caerulea x racemosa) [x] [removed]
  72. Passiflora 'Violet Blue' or 'Markisa Hawaii' (incarnata? x cinnata?), [died, my fav, N, told is incense]
  73. Passiflora (vitifolia x ?) intense red [C. breeder, unregistered] [removed]
  74. Passiflora edulis 'Possum Purple' [bored]
  75. Passiflora edulis 'Taiwanese Golden Honey' (laurifolia? x ?), [bored, not var. flavicarpa]
  76. Passiflora foetida, Wild Maracuja [removed]
  77. Passiflora var. ? (?Alata Ruby glow x ? Caerulea) [removed]
  78. Passiflora x violacea 'Victoria' (caerulea x racemosa) [removed]
  79. Phlox paniculata 'Blue Paradise', Phlox Blue Paradise [died - overwatered]
  80. Phlox paniculata 'Volcano', Phlox Volcano [died - suffocated]
  81. Platycodon grandiflorus 'Double Blue", Double Blue Balloon Flower [died - overwatered]
  82. Plectranthus amboinicus 'Well Sweep Wedgewood', Green-Margined Cuban Oregano [lack of sun]
  83. Plukenetia volubilis, Sacha Inca [bored. ob, acidic rich]
  84. Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides, Mexican Flame Vine [suffocated]
  85. Psilanthus bengalensis, Paracoffea [bored, scent isn't all it's built up to be]
  86. Rosmarinus officinalis, Rosemary [wind blew rain in drowning it]
  87. Rudbeckia hirta 'Solar Eclipse' [died]
  88. Sempervivum hirta borealis, Hens and Chicks [dried up]
  89. Spathodea campanulata, African Tuliptree [9, neighbour chopped down]
  90. Stephania venosa [name unresolved, Turtle Shell, sap blood red, rain. 1 male, 1 female]
  91. Tacca nivea Alba (name submitted; not recognized yet), White Bat Flower [two white straight up bunny ears, *whiskers white*, green in color at leaf petiole]
  92. Telosma cordata, Tonkin Jasmine, Tongkeng Vine [gave away]
  93. Thaumatophyllum spruceanum, [lack of sun, too wet. Fla, half circle, previously P. goeldii]
  94. Thunbergia mysorensis, Indian Clock Vine [2.5 years didn't bloom. 20160402]
  95. Typhonium roxburghii (or blumei), Dwarf Voodoo Lily [red velvet tri, gave. Rot & ants]
  96. Vallaris glabra, Bread Flower [gave away, pandan scent]
  97. Vitis, Grapevine Green [bored]
nNOT MINE - sharing my photos and information
  1. Bauhinia aureifolia, Gold Leaf Bauhinia [copper silk leaves - Penang]
  2. Brugmansia (var. our highland type possible (suaveolens x), Brugmansia Pink
  3. Brugmansia (var. our highland type), Brugmansia White
  4. Brugmansia (var. our highland type), Brugmansia Yellow
  5. Gomphocarpus physocarpus, Balloonplant [covered in red spider mites; Cameron Highlands]
  6. Kigelia africana, Sausage Fruit Tree [Desa Park City]
  7. Lepisanthes alata (unresolved name), Cherry Terengganu [Desa Park City]